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Now you can own one of the rarest nuclear hardened underground structures in the world!

This was a part of the Stanley R. Mickelesen Safeguard Complex located in NE North Dakota. This property, for sale by owner, was one of 4 Sprint Missile Sites located approximately 10-20 miles from a central radar control site. Constructed in the early 1970’s, these bases were a last line of defense meant to intercept ICBMs coming over the North Pole. There was only 1 Safeguard Complex ever completed making this unique property an incredibly rare opportunity.

This property consists of 36 acres fenced. The inner fence is 8’ military grade, chain anchored and ½” cable reinforced chain link fencing topped with barbed wire and the outer fence is ½” cable reinforced 4’ wire fence. There is .75 miles of paved road on site.

The guardhouse is an above ground, poured concrete, 2400 sq foot building complete with 3 garage bays, a kitchen, bathroom, office, and turnstile/security desk. This structure is heavily reinforced to withstand a nearby nuclear detonation.

It has water systems, brand new (installed in August of 2013) high efficiency propane central heating and air conditioning unit and brand new propane hang up furnace in the garage bays. The remodeled bathroom is functional with a brand new septic system, new hot water heater, new shower, new vanity/sink, and new toilet.

The kitchen has a new refrigerator, new cabinets, new propane stove, countertop, sink and reverse osmosis filtration system installed.

Brand new, energy efficient windows have been installed. Although this structure has had a lot of updating, there is still work required to finish the renovation.

Electricity was reconnected in the summer of 2013 and the guardhouse has been professionally rewired and inspected including a new 200 amp service box.

The main structure on the property is the underground control center which is naturally dry since it was built on a hill and has earth mounded over it. It consists of 12,000 sq feet on one level with 15 foot ceilings and is divided into rooms of varying size by concrete walls. The outer walls are 30” thick and are heavily reinforced with large rebar. The structure is accessed via a 9’x9’ square concrete tunnel, approximately 75’ long that is usable for driving equipment in and out of the command center. At the bottom of the tunnel are 2 large blast doors for equipment and 2 smaller blast doors for personnel. There are 2 large concrete towers above the structure. The shorter one is approximately 25’ tall is the intake tower and the taller one, approximately 30’, is the exhaust tower. These were used for the generator equipment originally. Brand new electric service was professionally brought into the underground building including a large transfer switch suitable for hooking up a generator near the tunnel entrance and 2 new 200 amp service panels were installed underground, one at each end of the main hall. The underground has been wired with fiber optics for TV, phone and high speed internet. A boiler has been installed in the underground building for hydronic heat!

A new septic system was installed for the underground building in addition to the one for the above ground building.

Also on the property is a “missile field” that once contained 12 Sprint missiles. There are 12 steel missile launch tubes in the ground. They are approximately 11’ across and 35’ deep.

This site was decommissioned and closed down within 3 days of its completion in the early '70's! It was also partially salvaged (ie. Valves, motors, generators, electronics electric cable have been removed). While this underground building has large spaces, there is still a lot of steel conduit and I-beams to be removed and either reused or sold for scrap.

In 2013 this property was released from Government ownership.
A new well was drilled in 2013 which supplies large quantities of water, but needs a reverse osmosis system for drinking water. As an alternative, rural water is available within ¾ of a mile.

The acreage is beautiful, rolling grasslands with 2 seasonal ponds (approx. 3 acres) which attract many birds including ducks and geese. Approx 1 linear mile of trees were planted in 2013. The trees are a mix of cottonwood, linden, pine trees, and fruit bearing bushes.

The property has wonderful drainage systems. There is a paved patrol road around the inner fence perimeter.

The property is well hidden from the main road by hills and is 3 miles from the nearest paved road. It is located 9 miles from the nearest town of about 2,000. From the roof of the underground building you can see approximately 10 miles in every direction. It’s a very defensible property!

It is located 10 miles from a Canadian border crossing and approximtely 1.5 hours from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

There are lots of local hunting and outdoor sporting opportunities year round as well as 17 miles from a downhill ski resort with ski lifts.

Asking $1,500,000.00​​​​​​​

February 24, 2022: Reduced to $799,500

Terms: Cash or $500,000 down and owner carry remainder

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